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  • Region: Rhône Valley
  • Region: South-West

Blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris

A wine with a delicious and fresh nose, a powerful bouquet of citrus and exotic fruits. The mouth is round, soft, then gives way to a fresh and harmonious finish. Enjoy with seafood, grilled fish or even as an aperitif

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Blend of Grenache, Merlot & Syrah

This blend offers a nice ruby red colour, the nose displays expressive aromas of blackcurrant and red fruits. THe wine is smooth and round in mouth with polished tannins and an enjoyable balance.

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Le Vin de Blaise, 2018 Le Vin de Blaise, 2018
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Côtes-du-Rhône Villages Sainte Cécile

Organic vines between 51 & 58 years old. Hand harvested with careful sorting.

Natural yeasts, no fining, no filtration, 2mg/l sulphites before bottling.

A medium bodied wine full of ripe, crunchy, dark-berry fruit, with spice and liquorice aromas and a soft, supple texture balanced with juicy brightness.

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Grenache 60%, Syrah 25%, Mourvèdre  10% and Carignan : 5%. 

The grapes grows on the terraces on the top of a hill, the soil is the one you can find at the ancient terrace Villafranchien. Pebbles and clay gives to this soil an optimal quality. 

The Domaine Grès Saint Vincent is a good representative for the local appellation Côte du Rhône Villages Signargues. 

The Domaine Grès Saint Vincent has found its own identity. Softness and elegance are the main words when you want to present this wine. 

In mouth you will first feel the taste of red fruits, (cherry and currant). With the time the wine develops towards a more spicy fragrance (liquorice / cinnamon). The tannins are there but soft and assure the quality of the wine. 


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100% Malbec 

Crammed full of ripe blackberry and red autumnal fruit Petit Jammes offers a medium-bodied easily approachable palate. Vinified for a long time on the skins, and fermentation is rigorously temperature-controlled in order to preserve a maximum of fruit. The wine is then aged for 8-10 months in stainless steel vats. The resulting style is very much an expressive, exuberant fruit-forward rendition of Malbec. 

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50% Gros Manseng, 20% Petit Manseng, 15% Petit Courbu, 15% Camaralet

Manual harvesting, indigenous yeast, 5 to 6 months aged on lies. Natural wine, non-filtered with golden colour. may through some deposit.

This young wine expresses notes of ripe fruit, white peach, the mouth is round and delicious, enhanced by a delicate pearling sensation due to the carbon dioxide from fermentation which brings astonishing freshness. 

This wine is ideal alone as an aperitif, it will brilliantly accompany tapas, seafood and spicy deli meats. 

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