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Maker / About: Fishers Gin is handcrafted in England, next to the sea. Rare and old English herbs are carefully curated by James firth and masterfully infused with a selection of classical gin botanicals. Fishers Gin tells the story of the English coast, where the awe inspiring power of the sea meets the fertile and rugged shores of the British isles. 



Spignel - Meum Athamanticum, Rock Samphire - Crithmum,Wood Avens - Geum Urbanum, Bog Myrtle - Myrica Gale.





Fishers Gin, London Dry Gin from the English Coast, 70 cl

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  • Style

    London Dry Gin

  • Alcohol


  • Tasting notes

    Every batch is unique in its creation and singular in its flavour. Spignel adds a smoked wood and fennel flavour, the Samphire - a hint of spice, Wood Avens - a fantastic smoky note and the Bog Myrtle a "smell of Christmas".

  • Perfect Garnishes

    Create delicious cocktails with tonic, cucumber, mint, basil, lemon and elderflower cordial served over crushed ice - or keep it simple with a premium tonic, a squeeze of lime and a slice of pear.

  • Annual production