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12 Quay Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1BX

About / Maker: First created in December 2014 in Homerton East London, the small artisan rectifying pot still produces a maximum of 120 bottles per batch. The influence of Modern London, Family and Traditional Craft, have molded the release of Carpenter’s London Dry Gin. Motivated by master craftsmen of varied trades. The first batches of London Dry Gin have been passionately and systematically constructed by Distiller Edward Rogers from Suffolk.Family has shaped Ed's enthusiasm, with his Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father and Brothers in the drinks industry before him. His youth was surrounded by learnings of aromas, palate and varied techniques.


Botanicals: At Carpenter’s, the Gin is infused with botanicals such as Balkan Juniper, Guatemalan Cardamom Pods, Almond Powder, French Angelica Root, Eastern European Coriander Seed, American Oak Chips, Italian Orris Root along with fresh Lemon and Orange peels from Spain, to create a unique and special product.



Carpenter's Distillery, London Dry Gin, 70 cl

By the bottle / By the case
  • Style

    London Dry Gin

  • Alcohol


  • Tasting notes

    A creamy nose with hints of cardamom, vanilla, and spice. To taste: Very smooth upfront, with luscious, zesty citrus and coriander notes, before some broader spice notes and a lovely, dry finish.

  • Perfect Garnishes



    -Naturally Light Fever Tree 

  • Annual production

    120 bottles a month