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“This is the story of a guy” so begins the short biography of Ivo Pagès, founder of Vinya Ivo. This is the story of an epicurean guy with soul and passion for the world of the vines and wine from a young age.
Son of a viticulturist in the Médoc and then in the Blaye, Ivo Pagès lived in the family house during holidays in Cadaqués (Spain) surrounded by vineyards and the rest of the year at the homestead. It is thus that he was born into this vineyard environment, before it became clear that he would, one day, fulfil his dream of becoming a winemaker.
As a lover and connoisseur of French, Italian and Spanish wines, he asked himself the question “Where best to create his wines?”. He decided to settle in the area of Cadaqués in Catalonia for several reasons.
The first is a special attachment to this city; the second is the presence of a great terroir; the third is that in France the increasing weight of administration is such a burden that one has to spend more & more time “doing the paperwork for the vineyard” than doing any other essential, more ‘hands-on’ viticultural work.
Ivo is the talented producer of the two highly acclaimed wines - S'Alqueria Emporda and Pirata Especial, both of which show his mastery of capturing the essence of the wines’ terroir in wonderfully approachable styles.

Ivo Pages
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